Who We Are

About Us:



   We are brother and sister, who was born in a small town in Turkey. We come from traditional farm family who like to gather and help each other. Our Grand Father has a farm, he grows Natural Cotton for many years therefor Our  Father established a home textile manufacturing company under name Mislina Textile AS. in 1999. And achieved lot of success worldwide.

  My sister and I have moved to Australia looking for better education and to have a better lifestyle for our future. Being in Australia has taught us many things from the blue sky to gold beach sand. We love the life and the community we have in Australia. Continued to study and support ourselves. Truly we have struggled with tear, but also we have smiled with joy.

  Now being Australian Citizen and seeing what is beautiful land has given us. We would like to have our childhood memories to go back to the textiles, the cotton and share the products we grew up with. Therefore we have established our company ( Lady Ocean Pty Ltd ) in 2016.

  Lady Ocean By Mislina HomeTex aims to import their own designs, their own manufactured %100 Natural Content and Exclusive Products. All of our products are the top quality and has been made with love and care. 

  The Turkish culture has a rich culture in Textile and we are lucky and proud enough to be able to keep this tradition continuing. All of our products has been washed with a special shampoo to keep their colors and softness last forever. Our range includes Cotton, Linen, Bamboo, Silk and Wool.

Our Product range is starting to expand to include more homewares. We are excited for what our imagination can explore and bring back for you for each year.


Thank you.